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22 May, 2011

Formation Of Mountain Ridges by Broken Process Of Subduction Of A Tectonic Plate.

   Generally accepted theory on Himalaya/Tibet formation is the collision between two continents. Tremendous forces are believed to had applied to the continents to form the mountain system. But, can other mechanism be suggested, the mechanism to demand less energy/forces to create the mountain system? Let's try to suggest one.

   When an oceanic plate is getting subducted, what would happen to a divergent boundary on the subduction? The divergent boundary is a very thin, not yet fully solidified, highly irregular, and, therefore, weak juncture between plates. The bending stress of subduction would just cut loose the subducting chunk of the plate. The loose chunk would pop-up along the viscous border of the continent to form a mountain ridge. Other divergent boundaries and, probably, other irregularities in the plate would add more ridges to the continent.

   I'd like to think, "The Ring OF Fire" systems of ridges and some other systems were created by the mechanism described above. To check the concept let's take Himalaya:
   1. Himalaya system is quite close to the point of start/collapse of The Ring Of Fire (see "10. Persistent location of the point of start/collapse of The Ring Of Fire " ) Thus, we would expect all the oceanic crust to go here mainly from the center of The Ring Of Fire, that is from South East. So, the boundaries' butt ends, I'd expect to look in South East direction.
   2. The deep anomalies should align in the same SE or NW direction.
   3. Magnetic anomalies of mountains along a ridge should maintain similar alignments.
   4. The ridge system should look paradoxically young, as exposed are only newly formed boundaries' butt ends.
   etc etc.

   The ridge systems of the described nature, I would expect, could be found far from a continent's borders as The Ring Of Fire is developing many cycles, adding more area to the continent on each cycle.
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