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15 October, 2011

The Double Moon Formation. The "Condensation/Ejected Ring" Concept. (The Formation Of Multiple Satellites Of A Celestial Object).

   From my previous post "The Formation Of A Satellite Of A Celestial Object By The Differentiation Of Particles' Speed Vectors." < > it seems that it's impossible to deny that when the material was gathered to create Earth, some part of it did not go to the center, instead it kept on orbiting around it to start creating Moon. The question is, what percentage of the Moon's body was added by the mechanism? Did not exist another mechanism to add the material to the Moon?

   The mentioned mechanism can be attributed to the Condensation Theory, as the ring of the outer stuff and the stuff inside the ring started to condense almost at one time. But the question remains, can't the process of condensing of inner stuff cast off more rings? (In the mentioned above my previous post "The Formation Of A Satellite Of A Celestial..." I wrongly used "disk" word instead of "ring", my language problem, sorry.)

   It seems the gravity force can make the inner stuff to cast off another one or more rings. What would be the effect of the differentiation of the inner stuff by its density? Maybe I, Sergey D. Sukhotinsky, the author of this post am missing something, but the effect of the differentiation would be increased speed of rotation to keep angular momentum. If the viscosity of the stuff is significant, the outer layer would be rotating fast enough to get ejected on Equator. New ring would be formed.

   The rings are not parts of the Geodynamo. But, probably, are affected by the Geodynamo's magnetic field that gets reversed from time to time. That's why, probably, their orbits were inclined relative to Equator plane. Accordingly, the Earth's Equator plane got inclined relative to the plane of Solar system. Over time the rings condensed into two or more moons. The "moons" collided eventually due to the gravitational interaction with the Earth and each other.

   The idea described above in this post and in my previous post "The Formation Of A Satellite Of A Celestial Object By The Differentiation Of Particles' Speed Vectors." < > looks like to be valid on a bigger scale: not only for the formation of satellites of planets, but also for satellites of stars, - why not to think that the material for an innermost planet was ejected by the process described in this post?

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