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02 May, 2011

Divergent Boundaries Spreading Mechanism By Magma Solidifying In The Crust Ruptures Caused By Moon/Sun Induced Crust Deformations.

This article is to formalize my previous article

Earth is getting colder. Upper parts of its molten layers have to solidify. Crust is not static. It undergoes deformations caused by Moon and Sun. Resulting ruptures have to be filled with magma, the magma within the ruptures gets solidified. Following deformations would further propagate ruptures to be filled with the solidified magma. A divergent boundary brakes the crust along the line where the crust experienced the most deformation.

If the crust was ocean crust then a mid oceanic ridge emerges, the divergent boundary that spreads crust. If that was continental crust then a continental divergent boundary emerges. The thickness of the divergent boundary increases until:
a) the boundary starts to spread crust. The boundary thickness maintains at the level just enough to spread the crust.
b) the boundary is thick enough to reduce local deformation to the level the crust forms new divergent boundary along new line. In this case deformations in old divergent boundary stop and the boundary deactivates.
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